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2004 - Complete

2004 - Effect (Experimental)

2003 - I Wanna Know

2003 - Spy Me (Live)

2002 - Index of Life

2002 - Brainwashed

2000 - Into My Eyes

2000 - Hold Me

1999 - Listening Through the Door

1997 - Just a Man
(First Recording Ever)


LeVeLhEaDeD project 
Portugal WMA

Welcome to the LeVeLhEaDeD project, my name is Pedro Correia and I am the voice of this project. I'm Portuguese, 27 years old and I find in music the best way to express what I feel, think and believe in. This project is homemade, and unfortunately the lack of time, conditions and material doesn't allow for great elaborate quality recordings, but the concept is to show my ideas and music online.

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